Uncle Bob's Ice Cream: Keeping it cool in Elmore County

Uncle Bob's Ice Cream: Keeping it cool in Elmore County

ELMORE CO., AL (WSFA) - It's a sound that sent kids running and screaming. Not in fear, but pure excitement. Who remembers hearing the ice cream man coming around the corner?

In some communities, the ice cream is making a comeback.

"When I was a kid I loved ice cream trucks," said Robert Harmon, owner of Uncle Bob's Ice Cream truck.

He started the business about four years ago and has been loving it ever since.

"It's crazy. They think you're not going to stop and they throw up their hands. They will jump in front of the truck to get you to stop."

When kids and adults hear that familiar tune it sends them into a sugar craving overdrive.

"I actually have three different versions of the song. I even have a rap version. The kids love it. I just really enjoy it because the parents get used to you, the kids get used to you, and they'll just say 'hey here comes Uncle Bob'. That's the cool part."

He's got a big selection for the young kiddos all the way to those treat seeking adults.

"You've got your old school stuff like fudge bars, dream bars, ice cream sandwiches, and some specialty stuff like the faces of Spiderman, Batman, Angry Birds, and a whole lot more."

Uncle Bob's also does private parties and events.

So if you're in Elmore County and you hear that song, you'll likely get a chance to meet Uncle Bob yourself if you're ready for a treat.

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