Pain cream could be alternative to opioid prescriptions

Pain cream could be an alternative to opioids (Source: NBC News)
Pain cream could be an alternative to opioids (Source: NBC News)

WSFA/NBC - While the nation continues to deal with an opioid epidemic, one doctor in Louisiana may have a different option to treat pain.

Marie Gentry was diagnosed with osteoporosis and scoliosis years ago. She was living a life full of pain. Then she heard about something called AcuPlus.

"My husband had to take care of me and take me to all the appointments and everything after eight and a half months and I got on the ointments, I got in that car and I've been driving since," said Gentry.

Now she has torn rotator cuffs and other medical issues but rarely takes medication for the pain.

"I put it on my shoulders in the back I put it on all over from my knees down to my feet. I use that because it helps with the neuropathy."

Doctor Craig Morton created AcuPlus for patients who can't take regular pain medication.

"So many of my patients had limitations to taking medication," said Morton. "Whether it was trying to fight opioid addiction, maybe they had side effects that were impacting their kidneys, liver or stomach. And topical pain creams had helped a variety of my patients over the years, some of them had limitations and I felt like because I was in a position to treat people all day long, I could see what was working and wasn't working."

Now Morton says he's found the perfect mixture with this cream.

"So several of our ingredients have both pain relieving properties and anti-inflammatory properties so in addition to that are ingredients have been known to decrease nerve pain and even being suggested as a topical muscle relaxers."

AcuPlus has been approved by the FDA. Dr. Morton says it's working to decrease pain and decrease the need for opioids. You can find AcuPlus on and

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