Doctors explain the risk of drinking too many diet sodas

Doctors explain the risk of drinking too many diet sodas

(WSFA/NBC) - Despite doctor recommendations, plain water is just too boring for most people but bad news for all soda lovers, whether you drink regular or diet, doctors say it's bad.

This is dangerous for diabetics, and for everyone because it makes your insulin spike. It's similar to eating high sugar or starchy foods. When your body makes too much insulin, it will stop burning fat until you lower your insulin levels.

"Individuals who drink more diet sodas actually gain more weight because it has to do with the aftertaste and after effects of the diet soda," said Cardiologist Dr. John Higgins. "It gives them a temporary fill but it actually affects their insulin and other systems and they actually get hungrier later."

Which means no matter how no calorie, no sugar labels there are you could gain weight when drinking diet soda.

Higgins says one or two every now and then is harmless but you can actually begin to hurt your heart if you're drinking five or more of these in a day.

Also, the fizzy, bubbly feeling of soda is a chemical reaction in your mouth that basically creates carbonic acid. Some dentists say that acid is linked to enamel erosion. So carbonated beverages of all kinds, even if they don't have sugar, can also harm your teeth.

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