Editorial: Vote for change

Editorial: Vote for change

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Next Tuesday, July 17 is the runoff election for a number of very high profile offices. As you have a voice in choosing candidates that will chart the course of your state and or community this is a decision that needs to be taken seriously and you need to get out and vote.

One of the most important races in this election involves the Montgomery Public School Board of Education. We all know the current state of our public schools is in dire need of help.  I think this help comes from new leadership, new ideas and a fresh look at the future. The sure-fire way to change and hopefully improve our public schools is to stop doing what we have been doing and take a new approach.

Let's not forget the Advanced report which nothing short of a failing grade. We need not continue down that road.

I urge everyone to get out and vote.  And if you vote for the school board evaluate your choices and make a vote that will improve the education in our public schools, a vote for change.

Your vote for new leadership is your way of saying your children and the children in your community deserve better.

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