Suspects in Dothan man's GA murder arrested

Suspects in Dothan man's GA murder arrested
Che'valier Kenyatta Paul (Source: "Tumbleton Road" website)
Che'valier Kenyatta Paul (Source: "Tumbleton Road" website)

ALBANY, GA (WSFA) - The Albany Police Department in Georgia announced arrests in the shooting death of a Dothan man.

Police charged cousins, Dontavious Wingfield, 26, and Demond Wingfield, 19, with felony murder in the death of Che'valier Kenyatta Paul.

Paul was shot and killed around 5 a.m. Wednesday morning in Albany. When police arrived, they found Paul inside a white PGW Auto Glass van shot and unconscious. The passenger side window of the van was shattered.

Based on the police department's initial investigation, detectives believe Paul had completed his delivery at Albany Auto Glass and was shot after returning to his vehicle.

Those close with Paul say he had been working for the company for only a few months, but his real passion was in the film industry.

He served as an extra in the blockbuster movie "Black Panther" and for the last 10 years was working on a historical drama, "Tumbleton Road," that is being filmed locally in the Wiregrass.

The movie's director, Faye Walker Howell, said she could see his potential from the moment he walked into the audition.

"When he walked in, he's just the kind that would capture your spirit. He was just warm and humble," said Howell.

Cinematographer Jesse Frank worked closely with Paul during the production of the film. He said learning how Paul died has sent shock waves through the cast and crew.

"For something that terrible to happen - someone as good as he was - something so tragic - you almost can't believe it," said Frank.

Frank said in this tragic situation he has two prayers.

"I pray for justice," said Frank, "And his name will go down as someone who inspired a lot of people, including me."

Paul was set to get married this weekend. Funeral services have not been announced.

Police have not released a motive in the case.

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