ASU Hoops prepares for trip to the Bahamas

ASU hoops prepares for trip to the Bahamas

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Alabama State basketball squad is about to embark on a business trip of a lifetime. On Tuesday, Aug. 7, the Hornets will be Bahamas-bound to play foreign competition before the regular season tips off in the fall.

"We're extremely excited about it with the youth that we have in this program," explained head coach Lewis Jackson. "For them to get together we added three new guys, four new guys to the program and for all of them to be together this time of the year practicing, working on the things we'll be doing in November and December it's really great."

Only one player on the entire team has been to the Bahamas and for some guys, they've never been out of the country! Junior guard Reginald Gee is one of those who is extremely excited for not only the trip but the chance to play with his teammates before the regular season.

"It's very crucial because it gives us a chance to play basketball all together before the season actually starts so it's very crucial." Gee said.

Every four years the NCAA allows each program to travel out of the country to face foreign competition. For Coach Jackson, it's important to him stress how great of an opportunity this is for his team.

"Appreciate the opportunities that you have. It's not often that you get to go on someone else's expense. We'll play three games, then the guys will have a chance to go downtown, see the shops, so they'll be bringing back a lot of souvenirs for their family friends and loved ones," the coach said. "Just to be walking the beaches and things like that it'll be fun for the kids."

The guys have eight practices (of 10) remaining before they take off for Nassau. They'll play in three games before having a day off and getting to enjoy some of the Bahamian sun.

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