Deatsville gets help to slow down drivers from WSFA

WSFA 12 News is working hard to slow down the "Streets of Speed" in your neighborhood.

One Deatsville family was out of options and patience when they turned to WSFA 12.

In the Summerfield subdivision last April there were plenty of kids, plenty of cars, and plenty of frustration.

"It's the builders, the contractors, speeding," said Samantha Kelly. "We asked for stop signs, children playing signs, and the developer said that would be to much. That's why we're asking for your help."

Even a letter from the neighborhood engineer telling people about our story on WSFA 12 News didn't seem to solve the problem - at least not right away.

Now, after months of phone calls from WSFA 12 News and persistence from homeowners like Kelly, there's a big change in the neighborhood.

"We have successfully finally gotten stop signs and children playing signs up in th neighborhood. All the neighbors in the section feel a lot safer with their children.

While some may not like the idea, it appears most are at least obeying the signs.

And Kelly feels a little safer letting her kids be kids.

Kelly adds, "I want to thank WSFA 12 News, Judd Davis, Mr. Clarence, you definitely helped make our neighborhood a safer place for children."

If you'd like us to check out your Street of Speed just email us at or you can send us your information in the mail at

"Streets of Speed"
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