City of Enterprise to end curbside recycling program

City of Enterprise to end curbside recycling program

ENTERPRISE, AL (WSFA) - Effective Oct. 1, the city of Enterprise will no longer provide recycling curbside pick-up.

The city council voted Tuesday on the change following a public town hall meeting in July to discuss the future of the program.

Currently, the city picks up recycled goods from homes and transports the trash to Coffee County's collection site for processing.

It's an agreement that costs the city over $400,000 annually. The city has to subsidize the recycling rate and it doesn't get money back on the sell of recycled items.

Starting in October, residents who recycle will drop their trash off at a collection site. City officials are considering using the Public Works Department on Glover Avenue as a temporary collection site.

They will meet with Coffee County leaders in the next few days to discuss drafting a new agreement for recycling trash pick up.

"The citizens drop off recyclables. There will probably be a little bit of sorting that will go on by citizens - have a bin for plastics, aluminum, paper, corrugated cardboard and we see what the county will do as far as picking it up and selling it," said city of Enterprise Public Works Director Michael Walters.

City leaders say it's too early to give an exact amount on savings from the change to program, but early estimates are between $300,000 - $350,000 in the first year. The money is not earmarked for specific projects, but city council leaders say there are a number of things it could go towards.

"Public safety, quality of life such as recreation," said Enterprise City Councilman Turner Townsend. "Also economic development projects."

Walters said with the curbside pick-up eliminated, there will be some restructuring within the department. No employee will be out of work because of the ended service, but will be eligible to transfer to work in a different department.

Once the logistics of the new temporary drop-off site are set in October, city officials will begin work on what they're calling "Phase 2" of the new recycling program.

They're looking at grants from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management for the city's own recycling station.

"They would help us with some equipment," said Walters. "Get into something that's more permanent than temporary."

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