Auburn, Opelika residents to cast votes for new skate park

Auburn, Opelika skate park in the works
Skate park design created by Spohn Ranch. (Source: City of Auburn)
Skate park design created by Spohn Ranch. (Source: City of Auburn)

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - A skate park is something that has been highly requested by both Auburn and Opelika residents, and soon the Indian Pine old tennis courts will be transformed into one.

"We were able to team up with Auburn and we had a great place for it at Indian Pines, and it just kind of worked out that we were able to do it," said Public Relations Coordinator for Opelika Parks and Rec, Laura Chesser.

Both cities are making a pretty big financial contribution to make this skate park happen.

"Each city put up about $150,000 for the actual skate park structure, and then there will be some additional money spent on signage and other things of that nature, but this is about at $300,000 skate park," Chesser said.

Auburn and Opelika residents previously had the opportunity to express their wants and needs in a skate park to two different companies, Pivot Skateparks and Spohn Ranch Skateparks, and now, it's time for the community to vote. The designs from both companies are on both the City of Auburn and Opelika's website. Residents can vote through Aug. 19 on their favorite design.

After voting is closed, the cities will work with the chosen company to establish a timeline.

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