Book tells story of AL woman's 25-day disappearance

Book tells story of AL woman’s 25-day disappearance
The book is titled "Naked with only the Will to Survive." (Source: WSFA 12 News)
The book is titled "Naked with only the Will to Survive." (Source: WSFA 12 News)

UNION SPRINGS, AL (WSFA) - One year ago this week, Lisa Theris crawled out of the woods after being lost for 25 days in Bullock County. Theris' story made headlines here and abroad. A couple of newspaper owners in Union Springs decided the story needed to be told in a book.

"There are so many things about this story," said Johnny Adams, who co-authored the 112-page book with his sister.

"I was so happy to see her alive," said Kim Adams Graham.

The book is titled "Naked With Only The Will To Survive."

The story of Lisa Theris started with an admission during some 100 hours worth of interviews with Adams and Graham.

"She admitted going down some wrong paths," Adams said.

Theris hung around the wrong folks with plans to burglarize a hunting lodge near Midway. Theris backed out at the last minute. She ran away and hid just a few feet in the woods off County Road 47. But then she overheard the two suspects allegedly talk about "killing her" afraid she would blow their cover.

"'Was beginning to think her life was about to come to an end,'" Graham read from one of the passages in the book.

Scared, Theris felt she had no choice but to shed her clothes and run deeper in the woods to hide.

"She mentioned something about her family and thinking about how much she loved them," Adams said.

Alone and naked, Lisa Theris emerged 25 days later. The 25-year-old  literally crawled her way to Highway 82 East. A driver passing by thought it was an animal but a closer look revealed it was Theris and all she could say to the driver was, "help me." The photos included in this story show Theris' dance with death. Johnny Adams and Kim Adams Graham found the account too incredible to pass up, so they wrote their first book together.

"This is by far the most amazing story I've ever encountered since taking over the newspaper," said Adams.

To get a feel of what Theris endured, Johnny Adams himself walked through the woods he knows very well and made it to Highway 82 within two hours. It was the perspective he needed to understand. Theris was constantly being bitten by bugs and overwhelmed with fear of being attacked by wild animals.

"To experience that terror at night of total darkness," said Adams remarked in awe.

Lisa Theris herself could not arrange her schedule to be part of the interview but we're told she is doing well. Much like the title, Lisa Theris found the will to make it.. barely. Theris survived by eating muscadines, mushrooms, snails and drinking water from what appeared to be a clean creek in the dense woods.

Lisa Theris will always have a story to tell and so will the brother and sister team in Union Springs, the story of what many believe was a miracle deep in the heart of Bullock County.

Johnny Adams and Kim Adams Graham say based on their research and interviews with experts including a doctor, Lisa Theris was mere days away from death. The case involving the burglary suspects is still tied up in the Bullock County court system.

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