Interactive Science Web Sites

Big Trouble in Earthquake Country (Grades 9-12)
Gain a better understanding of earthquakes, their causes, and the complex nature of the interaction between earthquakes and humans. 

Chem4Kids! (All grades)
Chem4Kids covers easy-to-digest tutorials and quizzes on matter, elements, atoms, math, and reactions. 

Geology Labs On-line (Grades 8-12)
Become a "virtual seismologist!" At this site, you'll have an opportunity to try your hand at determining earthquake epicenters, determining the half-life of isotopes, and gauging the effects of a river flood, among other geology-related tasks.

Global Warming - EPA (Grades 5-12)
 Keep up with the latest news on global warming at this EPA-maintained site. The four main sections address climactic science, greenhouse gas emissions, potential impacts of global warming, and measures being taken to correct the problem.

Hawaii Center for Volcanology (Grades K-12)
Keep an eye on Hawaii's volcanic mountains like Loihi, Kilauea, Mauna Loa, and Hualalai. Site provides data on volcanic activity and great volcanic imagery.

Heavens-above (Grades 6-12)
Calling all stargazers! There's a wealth of information here on satellites, the space stations, and the Iridium Flares. 

Interactive Frog Dissection (Grades 7-12)
Tutorial on frog dissection.

NASA kids (Grades K-8)
Kid-friendly site full of games, puzzles, and other online activities covering a full range of space related  subjects.

Secrets at Sea (Grades 4-7)
In this web site game students play the starring role of "Ace", assistant investigator to Paula Pacific, who is assigned to examine unusual behaviours noticed in killer whale populations in the Alanamorris Strait. 

As Ace progresses through the story, she/he must successfully complete a number of ocean-related learning activities. The knowledge gained from completing these activities leads the student to the solution of the case. 

Starchild: Space Stuff (Grades K-5)
More great stuff from NASA.  Learn about the solar system, the universe, and other space stuff.

The Barringer Meteorite Crater (Grades 6-12)
There's a gigantic hole in the middle of the Arizona desert. Find out how the hole was created and send your own meteors crashing to earth and witness their destructive effects.

The Last Straw (Grades 3-8)
Try your hand at growing plants in the virtual lab. 

What is Matter? (Grade 4)
Excellent site explaining the properties of matter, mass, atoms, density, volume, states of water, and more with a variety of pictures and links.