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Parents Give Their Opinion On Superintendent's Job

Carlinda Purcell has been here less than a year in her role as superintendent. So how's she doing? and how are the schools faring under her direction? We went to talk to some parents to get their opinion.

Robert Ray who has 1 child in public school says, "The school mine goes to is dalraida and she's done really well. I'm pleased with the teachers and the way the school is being run right now.

Mae Francies has 4 children in public school and says, "With us I would have to say it's alright, but it could be a whole lot better."

Kimberly Gregory says she has 1 child in public school  "In all honesty I think they could be doing a better job with transportation problems that a lot of the kids have. I mean I ride the public buses and there's a lot of public school kids riding the buses."

With 2 children in public school, Marques Gibson says "With the school system I think they're doing a pretty good job. My daughter and son are at Caver Elementary Magnet program and I see a lot of benefits to it. I mean to me she's doing a great job."

Christina Mapp says she has 1 child in public school and "He's at a magnet school and maybe that's a little different from a regular public school, but he's doing great. This is his first year there and there's a change from a regular public school. But I'm very pleased."

The results were pretty well mixed. Most parents do believe the buck stops with the superintendent.


Reported By:  Ashley Anderson

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