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Only on 12: Macon County Makes Big Drug Bust

There are 17 new arrests in the war on drugs in Macon County.

Sheriff David Warren and several members of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board served more than two dozen warrants in a huge drug bust Wednesday. The seizures that followed included cars, weapons and even moonshine.

Officers didn't announce their presence with sirens or lights when they drove up, but there were fireworks when they arrived. Investigators left their office with a laundry list of 17 suspects charged with 24 crimes, most of them accused of selling crack.

"We're thankful this has been without incident so far," Sheriff David Warren said.

That's true at least for the officers. But the defendants didn't make out so well. Investigators found several stashes of drugs, equipment, rifles at Alfred Bryant's house, even a couple of jugs of suspected moonshine. Officers also seized several cars. The suspects also got another surpise: just who helped the sheriff.

"The Alabama Beverage Control Board's narcotics unit, one of the best kept secrets in the state," Warren said.

The sheriff says without the ABC's help, this bust probably would not have gone nearly as smoothly. And, he warns drug dealers not to take comfort in thinking this is over. The sheriff says he may get the chance to hit the road again to bust more suspects.

If you watch the video on the web, you may notice we did not show the faces of the agents making the arrests. That's because the sheriff's narcotics unit did a year long undercover operation to get to this point and those officers did the heavy lifting in the case.

So far, officers have raided one house and several mobile homes in Tuskegee, but they plan to put the cuffs on more people later this week.

Reporter: Chris Holmes

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