Baptist Health Services

Baptist Breast Health Center – The Baptist Breast Health Center on the campus of Baptist Medical Center South now utilizes the new ImageChecker® Computer Aided Detection (CAD) system for use in breast cancer screening. Each screening mammogram performed at Baptist Medical Center South is read by two board-certified radiologists, one of whom is a specially trained breast health specialist, and by this advanced computer aided diagnostic equipment. In addition to triple reads, the center offers same day results for screening mammography. For more information, call 273-4490.

Baptist Health Hospital Volunteers – Volunteers are needed at Baptist Medical Center East, Baptist Medical Center South and Prattville Baptist Hospital. Duties vary by facility but include delivering mail and flowers, transporting patients, staffing waiting rooms and information desks, and furnishing coffee for visitors. Volunteers work one four-hour shift per week. For more information, contact Volunteer Services at 286-2977.

Baptist Health Physician Finder - Physician Finder is a complimentary physician referral service that assists with finding a physician that meets the caller's needs based on specialty, office location, insurance accepted, and other personal preferences. A Physician Finder operator is available Monday through Thursday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., and Friday between 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. (operator is not available on holidays). The Physician Finder operator will recommend a doctor on staff at Baptist Health who best fits your requirements. For more information, call 273-4444.

Baptist Hospice Volunteers –Baptist Hospice is seeking volunteers to visit patients in their homes in Montgomery and surrounding areas as well as to perform clerical duties in the office. For more information, call Terri Mottram at 395-5018.

Baptist Sleep Disorders Centers - Baptist Health is home to two accredited Sleep Disorders Centers; one at Baptist Medical Center South and one at Prattville Baptist Hospital. Both centers have the ability to diagnose up to 84 different sleep disorders. There are four board-certified physicians and a clinical psychologist on staff between the two centers. For more information, call 286-3252 for Baptist Medical Center South and 361-4335 for Prattville Baptist Hospital.

Lifeline - A personal emergency response program started by Baptist Health in 1982, Lifeline is a way for people to get help when they are unable to get assistance themselves. This community service began with donations from the community that helped pay for the equipment and service for people who are not able to pay. As a result of the overwhelming support, it is now open to anyone in the community. There are currently over 600 people in central Alabama that are served by Lifeline. For more information, call 286-3400.

Senior Advantage - Addressing the needs and concerns of people 55 or older, Senior Advantage provides the latest medical and health information as well as exclusive benefits, a variety of activities and seminars for senior adults. Members benefit from the many Senior Advantage wellness programs and activities, all designed to help seniors stay healthy, happy and active. They also enjoy a wide range of benefits, services and discounts. For more information, call 286-3400.

Wednesdays – Prattville Baptist Outpatient Nutrition and Diabetes Education services available by appointment at Prattville Medical Park. Call 213-6360 for more information.

Weekdays – Baptist Outpatient Nutrition and Diabetes Education services available by appointment. Call 213-6360 for more information.