Teenage Gunshot Victim Speaks For First Time

It started as a simple knock on the door at Kansan Robinson's home in Kahn Street in Montgomery.

"I thought it was my sister," he says.

Instead it was someone else, someone who Robinson thought was a friend lured him out on the front porch. That's when it happened. The shooter rounded the corner of the house and opened fire.

"I turned around and 'pow,' ran back in and 'pow' he shot me again," Robinson remembers.

Robinson underwent surgery, spent several days in the hospital and is now back home still dressed in his hospital gown. Even though the shooting happened at home, Robinson claims the threat started at Bellingrath Junior High School. To this day Kansan Robinson has no idea why this particular 15-year old boy wanted to hurt him. In fact, Robinson claims the juvenile wrote him a letter.

"He won't say why he's after me. He wanted to shoot more folks, too."

Even more disturbing says Robinson is the fact he told the assistant principal and the principal about the threats days before the shooting. He gave them the letter. Robinson says the assistant principal did talk with the troubled teen but that's as far as it went.

"In the hall he still told me 'I'm gonna get you,' Robinson recalls.

Montgomery County School Spokesman Tom Salter told WSFA 12 News last week that Bellingrath 'played no role and the dispute did not start at the school.' Later that day Salter said board policy prevented him from talking about academic, discipline and behavioral problems on any particular student. Today, after learning Robinson had talked publicly about the shooting, Salter told 12 News that "we always take every safety precaution and we take every threat seriously." Salter emphasized the shooting occurred away from the campus. No dispute there but Robinson's mom says that's not the point.

"This should have been nipped in the bud. I should have been notified. His parents should have been notified. With my child all they had to do was make a phone call or let me know. I can't understand why they didn't act on it," says Magie Robinson.

Magie Robinson wants to meet with the superintendent and the school board to find out why she wasn't notified about the threat. Meantime, Kansan recovers at home with two gunshot wounds to the leg and stomach. He often thinks about how close he came to dying.

"He tried to kill me," says Robinson.

Juvenile investigators say all of this may have actually started in the neighborhood, carried over to the school, and of course, ended with the shooting at Robinson's home. That 15-year old suspect has since been charged with first degree assault and is being held in the Montgomery County Youth Detention Center.