Ousted leader says Habitat hides its Christianity

WASHINGTON (AP)_Ousted Habitat for Humanity founder Millard Fuller says he and the group's current leaders have disagreed about how much Habitat should embrace its Christian heritage.

The Alabama native says he's pleased that Habitat is getting news coverage for building homes for Gulf Coast hurricane victims, but is troubled that most reports seem to depict it as a secular organization.

At a ceremony in Washington, where he and his wife were honored for their volunteer efforts, Fuller said, "We get our motivation from the Bible."

He added, "In my opinion, you need to be faithful to who you are and not have a flexible agenda in saying to one group you're one thing and saying to another group you're something else."

Habitat for Humanity fired Fuller in January amid a woman's allegations that he inappropriately touched her. Fuller insists the charge was "totally false."

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