Pee Wee Coach In Court

At the Montgomery County jail, 48-year old Willie Richardson is said to be cooperating with jailers. Shortly after 1:30 today, Richardson made his first court appearance since the shooting.

Judge Lynn Bright explained the second degree assault charge and informed him of his rights. It only took a minute. One thing that stood out about Richardson's appearance is that no one from his family showed up at all.

"I didn't know about it, you know," says Henry Gray, Richardson's uncle.

Gray says they've been too busy trying to find a way to post Richardson's $10,000 bond either through cash or property. Gray, meantime, still isn't ready to embrace the thought his own nephew could harm someone over pee wee football.

"I'm not going to say he did it or didn't do it. I know he's a wonderful man, well-liked and liked football," says Gray.

Gray says Richardson has a passion for little league football because he enjoyed working with children. Even the Cleveland YMCA called him a 'model coach.' But according to Felicia Anderson, it was Willie Richardson who shot her boyfriend Timothy Campbell, angry over the fact that Anderson pulled her 12 year old son off the team 3 weeks ago.

"I took my child off the team because he was acting bad. I don't care if it was a famous game, you're not going. I think he (Richardson) got upset over that," says Miss Anderson.

"One of the best men you could meet. He's not a trouble-maker," says Gray.

Records with the Montgomery Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department show Willie Richardson does not have a criminal history, a perfect record for the pee wee coach that could be broken, if there's a guilty verdict.

As of late today, Willie Richardson had not made bond and he had not hired an attorney. A court date hasn't been set for his trial. Since Richardson's arrest, the Cleveland YMCA has said Richardson will be associated with the 'Y' again.