Tommie Miller reacts to Rosa Parks' death

Many people have been inspired by Mrs. Parks and her contribution to civil rights, including Mr. Tommie Miller, a member of the Montgomery County School Board.

Miller is also the president of the Montgomery Improvement Foundation, a fundraising arm of the Montgomery Improvement Association, the group credited with organizing the bus boycott.

Following Rosa Parks' arrest in December 1955 for failing to vacate her seat for a white passenger on a Montgomery city bus, E. D. Nixon of the NAACP and Jo Anne Robinson of the women's political council launched plans for a one-day boycott of Montgomery buses.

90% of the black community participated and stayed off the buses that day, prompting calls for boycott leaders to harness the momentum into a larger protest campaign.

At a meeting that evening, the Montgomery Improvement Association was established to oversee the continuation and maintenance of the boycott.

President of Montgomery Improvement Foundation, Tommie Miller, says, "Rosa Parks is a real American hero. I am saddened by the news of her death as the whole country should be."

"She was an American hero, an Alabama hero, a Montgomery heroine. We are all better as a result of Rosa Parks having lived."

Reporter: Theo Travers