Georgia civil rights leaders remember, praise Rosa Parks

ATLANTA (AP)_Civil rights leaders from Georgia remember Rosa Lee Parks not only as "the mother of the modern civil rights movement" but as an instrument of change that led to the New South.

The 92-year-old Parks died Monday night at her Detroit home of natural causes.

Congressman John Lewis of Atlanta said from his Washington home that her act of defiance inspired him to get involved in the civil rights movement. Lewis, a native of Perry County, Alabama, was 15 at the time and lived about 40 miles south of Montgomery. He says Parks must be looked upon as not just the mother of the modern civil rights movement but also as one of the mothers of the New America and the New South.

The Reverend Joseph Lowery -- who along with King and the Reverend Ralph David Abernathy Junior co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference -- called Parks "the right person at the right time in history."

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