Minimally Invasive Surgery

One of the major innovations in technology and medicine in the last ten years has been the introduction and expansion of laparoscopic procedures. These cutting edge techniques have not only revolutionized general and orthopedic surgery, but gynecologic surgery as well.

Laparoscopy involves making a small incision at the belly button and placing a camera into the patient's abdomen. Other small (around 1 cm) incisions can then be made allowing the surgeon to remove and/ or repair infected/ damaged organs and tissue.

In gynecology, surgeons can use the laparoscope to remove endometriosis, ovaries, tubes, abnormal pregnancies, and even the uterus. This allows our patients to have a very quick recovery and be out of work 3-14 days at most. Whereas, with open approachs like an exploratory laparotomy or total abdominal hysterectomy, patients often have 4-6 weeks of recovery.

Other advantages to laparoscopic surgery are less pain, less visible scars, and a much shorter hospital stay (1 day as opposed to 2-3 days with open surgery).

Another form of minimally invasive surgery is hysteroscopy which allows the surgeon to place a small camera in the patient's uterus and perform surgery. This allows us to evaluate and treat several different conditions that can result in heavy bleeding or infertility. Thus, many of our patients are deciding to proceed with advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures as ways to achieve relief without long and painful recovery.

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