Local Residents Remember Park's Legacy

When a tired seamstress refused to give up her seat after a long days work, Rosa Parks stood up not just for herself but for thousands who sought equality. Now, in death, her legacy is everlasting through those she touched.

With word of her death those who knew Parks reflect on the life she led and legacy she left behind.

Barbershop Owner, Nelson Malden, says, "we had no idea what was in the making."

Memories hang on the walls at Nelson Malden's barbershop.

Malden says, "every black person had been humiliated on the bus by the driver and the company."

Farrell Duncomb, Rosa Park's Sunday School Student, says, "the lord blessed her tremendously."

While he mourns, Duncomb says he also celebrates.

Duncomb says, " I rejoice over the fact she did much to influence my live and change the course of history."

The quiet seamstress actions spoke loud her courage, spirit and heart will speak to generations to come.