Tuskegee Walk of Freedom Pays Tribute to Rosa Parks

Some paid tribute in prayer, others in song. And students were bussed to Tuskegee's town square in an effort to learn.

Quinton Gaylord is a Tuskegee school teacher who says, "We want them to go back and discuss it with their teachers and make a lesson out of it."

But for many, the lessons are already imbedded. Students spoke at the memorial service Wednesday about what they've learned about Rosa Parks in school.

Those long ago-learned lessons about the demure, yet defiant Parks, now transfer her to hero status --especially for students like Simaya Miller.

Miller says, "I love what she did for people and everything because she changed lives."

At the end of the event, a group walked through town singing "We Shall Overcome" -- a ritual and song of a previous generation, now passed along for the sake of the future.

Reporter: Ashley Anderson