Sheriff Looking for 4 in County Home Invasion

Bill Franklin is Elmore County's sheriff.  He's a man on a mission.   "We had an incident that was very bizarre, involved 2 home invasions."

The two homes are occupied by relatives who work at Jo's used cars and Moody Farm and Truck next door. Franklin says, "There are actually 4 black males are going to be the suspects that we are looking for. We believe them to be in their late teens, early twenties."

According to Franklin, 2 suspects rushed into the first home with guns drawn, demanding money. From there they moved on to the second home.

Sheriff Bill Franklin told us that,  "One of the victims 10 year old son was attempted to be kidnapped by one of the suspects."

And yet a few yards away another family member, 43 year old Tim Moody got a tip something was wrong from a phone call.

Franklin says, "As this fellow left his shop, and tried to run over there and intervene, to see exactly what was going on, he actually sustained a gun shot wound to the leg."

All of the suspects wore masks, and all 7 of the victims, according to Franklin are lucky to be alive ... But this sheriff is hopeful for some arrests.  He says, "This area of Rifle Range Road... It's off the beaten path and we feel like somebody that went to that particular location is somebody that frequented this business in the past."

And anyone who knows or suspects anything related to this case is asked to call the Elmore County Sheriff's Department.

Reported By:  Ashley Anderson