Local Woman Mourns The Death of Parks

Marcelin Egnin never met Rosa Parks, but she says her passing is like losing family. "I idolize her and today was a day to celebrate her life," says Egnin.


Egnin says she had to pay a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Parks. "It's sad that it is in death, but I wanted to see her," says Egnin. When she sees Parks for the first time, she cries. "I have no words, she looks beautiful, regal and peaceful," she says. Even in death, Parks' presence brings her peace. "It always brings joy to your heart, you start smiling," she says. "That woman had such courage. You think my troubles are nothing. Egnin says we should all stop and thank Mrs. Parks for the everyday freedoms we take for granted, the freedoms she fought for.