Early reaction to choice of Alito for Supreme Court

WASHINGTON (AP)_A former colleague says Samuel Alito will make a good Supreme Court justice.

Former appellate judge Timothy Lewis says he has ideological differences with Alito but that he has "no agenda." He calls Alito "open-minded, fair and balanced."

President Bush's choice is likely to sit well with conservatives who complained that Harriet Miers lacked the experience for the high court. According to Republican consultant Greg Mueller, Alito has "a strong judicial track record" and "more experience than many who have come to the court."

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley tells NBC Democrats "may come out of the dugout" to oppose Alito's nomination. He says Alito's decisions in controversial abortion and gun cases could lead to heated confirmation hearings.

But Turley also acknowledges that Alito is "clearly qualified" and has an "impressive intellect."

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