Montgomery Family Expands Through Adoption

Paula Weissend wanted to expand her family.  She says,  "Oh... We always wanted to have a big family."    But during her pregnancy with now 14 year old Carla, she was diagnosed with leukemia. The treatments left her unable to have another child.  11 years later Carla put her foot down with 3 little words .... Daddy, let's adopt.

Carla says  "I got lonely being an only child ... There's nobody to play with and you have to entertain your self all the time."  But dad took a little convincing.

John Weissend says, "I saw Paula go through everything she did with the leukemia and it was a struggle for me to decide to have another child."

Paula Weissend says her husband surprised her one day,  "He called me one morning and said 'check your e-mail', and when i did all it said was let's adopt."

So why China? Paula was haunted by the face of a girl she had seen about 8 years ago.  She says,  "And she was 18 months old and she could not even sit up or do anything."    Paula says the developmental delays are common with China's one child rule, because people want boys and abandon girls.

But Frances Xin Margaret Weissend is healthy, beautiful and obviously loved. Both parents say the bond here is the same as with Carla. An emotional, instant umbilical cord. If you are interested in international adoption... There will be a seminar at Frazer United Methodist Church by Children of the World november 15th at 6 pm. They are licensed in all 50 states. For more information you can call 251-990-3550.

Reported By:  Ashley Anderson