Streets of Speed hits the Lee Oaks neighborhood

Its been more than a month since it happened, and neighbors say little has changed. Police say a woman was driving down Oak Forest Drive late one night when she swerved to miss a man and hit and killed 2 year old Virgil Armstrong.

Police have charged the driver Kristy Sims with reckless murder and leaving the scene of an accident. But neighbors say, even after the death of a little boy, cars still speed through the Lee Oaks neighborhood. "It's still constant speeding, the police department has put up speed detectors but it's not helping, there still doing 30-40 miles per hour," said neighbor Vickki Webb.

We brought Zapper 12 out to the neighborhood and we found folks regularly going 10-15 miles per hour over the speed limit. It was really noticeable right around 8 a.m. as folks were going to work and school. "Its quite frustrating because I have teenage sons," Webb said. "They can't play near the street because traffic is awful they have to stay in the backyard."

Now Webb and her neighbors are taking action. Their goal is to get sidewalks or speed bumps so something like this never happens again. It's a lengthy process to get either of those goals accomplished but these folks say they won't stop until their streets are safe.