Money Presented to Schools for Reading Program

Montgomery school children got some help from "Reading Alabama, Incorporated" Thursday. The organization presented checks to the principals of MacMillian International Academy and Bear Elementary. The money will be used to hire aides for the 'Writing to Read' labs. Kindergarten and first grade children go into a computer lab environment and hone their literacy skills using the latest technology.

Heather Coleman said this way the kids can learn on an individual basis and at a rate that's just right for them. She said, "If they're not reading on grade level by the time they are in the third grade, they will fall dramatically behind. It is much easier and more affordable to teach children on the beginning, on the front side then it is to go back and re teach them what they've missed out on and have not learned." Reading Alabama also provides computers to second grade children so they can build on what they learned in kindergarten and first grade.