Prattville Bond Issue Controversial and Confusing

Greg Meadows is angry about the bond issue Prattville city leaders are about to pass. The airways of his radio station have focused on what he says is a bad deal.  He says, "There's no accountability. There's no breakdown of the figures."

Figures which according to the city add up to a 47 million dollar bond issue for a package of projects around the city.   Among them? A new East Chase like development in the field behind Lowes and the movie theater...a Bass Pro Shop behind Shoneys, and the widening of the Cobbs Ford/Rocky Mount/Red Field Road intersection, and a possible Target on the Cobbs property.

Meadows wants a break down of all money to be spent.  Meadows says  "Prattville doesn't own the land. Prattville doesn't own the buildings."

City Council President Dean Argo says that was amendment #3 on the state ballot that was passed.  He says,  "It makes communities basically bid for jobs, for economic development projects, for growth in their revenue streams. It's horrible public policy, but it's state law."

Argo says neighboring cities also bid and the package could have gone to them.

Another issue over the bond is a lawsuit where the city is suing the citizens. The city attorney represents Prattville.  Meadows says,  "We've had several calls wanting to know who is representing the citizenry?"

Argo says,  "The district attorney, Randal Houston is required to represent the taxpaying public."

Argo says this will ensure that all the figures are correct and no fraud is involved.

The issues are complex and confusing. And will go before a judge November 30th. But before that happens there will be a chance for the public to speak out.  Argo says, "And if they have compelling evidence on why we should not go forward, then we won't go forward. But I believe that they won't have that evidence, they won't have that information."

Argo says he believes the people of Prattville are progressive and want to move forward.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson