Crimestoppers - November 28, 2005

Two convenience store armed robberies in less than a week and Montgomery Police believe one man is responsible for both. Detectives could use your help to find the suspect.

23 year-old Robert Hill is wanted by the Montgomery Police Department for two armed robberies. Both occured last week. One at the Pace Car convenience store on Troy Highway Sunday November 20th. Then police say he hit the Kwick Sac on the corner of Decatur and Fairview Friday the 25th. Lt. Huey Thornton of the Montgomery Police Department says, "He went into the store, produced a gun and then demanded currency from the cashier." Police say Hill used a silver 9mm handgun. Strangely enough, Thornton says, "He was wearing the same clothes as he was wearing when he robbed the Pace Car on the 20th." The same grey hooded sweatshirt with an explative on the front: Smart A-- Univeristy. Thornton says, "He was identified by the clerks as being the person who committed both these robberies." After the second robbery police were able to track down the car. They also searched his house on Bragg Street and found that grey hooded sweatshirt, but still there's no sign of Robert Hill, a man they consider armed and dangerous. Thornton says, "Due to the fact he committed two robberies and on both occassions he's been armed with these weapons we do feel it's important to take him into custody before he actually uses one of these weapons and kills someone and seriously injures or kills them."

If you recognize the man in the surviellance photos call crimestoppers at 215-stop. You could earn a cash reward for your tip.