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City Closes Four Montgomery Night Clubs

The city of Montgomery has shut down four nightclubs in a matter of days. The Mayor says the clubs are overcrowded, unsafe and repeat offenders.

The Rose Supper Club on Highland Avenue - the city closed it Thanksgiving night. The Cotton Club on Norman Bridge Road also closed on Thanksgiving night and Diamonds Entertainment on Narrow Lane Road - the city closed it too Thanksgiving evening. Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright says "I can't tolerate this going on in the city of Montgomery."

The Mayor points to video showing what he can't tolerate. In the video is an overcrowded night club in Rhode Island in which a fire broke out almost three years ago and about 100 people were killed.

"I am not going to let what happened in Rhode Island happen in the city of Montgomery."

According to the Mayor, Thanksgiving night Diamonds was 161 people over capacity. The Rose Supper Club had 158 too many customers, and the smaller Cotton Club was 26 over its limit. The Mayor says "These clubs have violated it on a number of occasions and it shows. Their record shows they have no intention of complying with the law."

And, there's a fourth club the city has closed. Its doors were shut last Saturday night and will remain closed at least through the beginning of next week.

The owner of Celebrations Barry Barr says "On a typical weekend, we'll probably lose about $25,000." Celebrations' doors are locked not because of overcrowding but because the city says there were 200 people in the parking lot this weekend. "200 people were in line waiting to get inside." And there was also an incident in which shots were fired when a security officer tried to stop a fleeing car. "Something that should have been simple turned ugly."

But the Mayor says these violations have happened too many times over the years and he was asked if he is open to hear the owners explanations. "Because you say they have been so repetitive, is there anything they can say or do to satisfy you? No, not at this point and time but you know that it's not my call. What I can do is keep them closed until the next council meeting."

The father of the owner of the Rose Supper Club says he plans to take back ownership of that business so he can manage it better. The owner of Diamonds says the city is being unfair and should have shown more compassion considering it was the weekend of the Turkey Day Classic. And the owner of the Cotton Club could not be reached.

The owners of Diamonds. The Rose Supper Club and the Cotton Cubs will be in municipal court Wednesday morning. They could get penalties ranging from a fine of $500.00 to up to 6 months in jail. The city says all four clubs will remain closed until the next city council meeting one week from Tuesday.


Reporter: Eileen Jones

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