Streets of Speed in Arrowhead Neighborhood

The "Streets of Speed" email bag is filling up and we've had several requests to come check out the Arrowhead Neighborhood in East Montgomery. It's a beautiful neighborhood that has been around for awhile and seen a lot of growth around it. Now some neighbors are concerned.

"Somebody's gonna get hurt one day," said homeowner Tom Hollingsworth. "It's an accident waiting to happen, we have people out there walking and kids out there playing." Hollingsworth has lived in this neighborhood for 20 years and he and his wife wanted us to see just how quick drivers are going.

We pulled out Zapper 12 in two different streets. We arrived around 7:45 so we may have missed some of the work/school traffic. We started on Arrowhead Drive and clocked some folks going 33 or 34 in a 25 zone. We usually look for at least 10 miles per hour over the speed limit so we moved across the neighborhood to Seminole Drive. It was cookin' over there. We clocked cars going 44, 43, and several others going over 40 miles per hour.

"I'd like to see people slow down on their own and take some pride in their driving and realize they're not being safe," said Hollingsworth. He has seen some close calls in the last few years. "A pickup truck hit a tree. I don't know if the kids stole it or what, but it skidded through stop and hit a tree, the kid ran and got in another car and took off."

Hollingsworth says the neighborhood association voted down speed bumps at their last meeting so it looks like the best option right now is more enforcement. We called the Montgomery Police Department and they told us they'll have some radars out there in the next few days. Consider yourself warned.