What services are available at Samford & DePaola PC?

The firm can provide you with an opportunity to consult with an attorney who also has extensive experience in the field of education. She will evaluate your situation and make recommendations to you about how you should proceed.

What geographic area is covered by the firm?

The firm has accepted cases in all areas of the state. The parents are required to come to the office for the initial consultation. Generally if you are a good distance away, no more than one office visit is required. Follow-up communication can be done by phone, mail, or e-mail.

What is the fee for an initial consultation?

Mrs. DePaola will meet with you for one hour at no charge. After that she will let you know whether she is willing to accept your case and whether she will do so on a contingent fee basis.

What am I required to do before coming to the office?

The best way to take advantage of your one hour is to have all of your documents copied and in order and forward them to the office one week before your appointment. If you do so, they will be reviewed before you arrive. If you do not do so, much of your hour will be wasted sorting through documents.

Will you consult with me over the phone?

The only consultation over the phone is a brief conversation to determine whether an appointment is warranted and to schedule your appointment.