Montgomery Area Food Bank Feeds The Masses

One look at the shelves and you can see that the local food bank is well stocked.  Executive Director, Park Hinman sys, "Right now we're in good shape, food-wise, what we can really use is money."

That money is needed to make the system work.  He adds, "Because we need money to operate ... To move this food out to our agencies."

One local agency that uses the Montgomery Area Food Bank on a consistent basis is the Salvation Army. As a matter of fact, you can walk into their kitchen at any time and you will see a lot of activity. That's because these people really feed the masses.

Curtis Blackshear has been picking up food and cooking it twice a week for the Salvation Army. He says the food bank is a blessing.

He adds, "During Thanksgiving time we feed about 1300 people, but Montgomery Area Food Bank was able to find us the turkeys and so much and if it weren't for them, we wouldn't have been able to go buy that with the money that I have.

Getting food and other items at a cheap cost helps save money that can be used in other areas.

Blackshear adds, "Without the food bank, I don't think that a lot of agencies could run like they run.

And that can translate to feeding a lot of hungry people.