Wal-Mart and Faith - Your Views

When Wal-Mart first came to light it was how proud they were that they had made in America products, and how they valued the heart of America. well it seems to me that once they got the consumer shopping at Wal-Mart and getting into that habit, well little by little you found more and more things NOT made in America.

I have just about quit shopping there, I am glad too, because keeping my town and little towns all over America working means more to me and I'm glad I see that now. we all should start shopping at our local stores more. Thanks. -- Pat, Elmore

If you're currently employed with a unionized company, do yourself a favor and start thinking about where you would work if your employer closed its doors (it could happen tomorrow). Since Wal-Mart is the mega business of the US, I think they should lead the wayin letting the public and other businesses know had it not been for Jesus being born there would be no Christmas! - Shugar, Millbrook

This story has two real issues masquerading as being "faith based": 1. "Buy American" and 2. Support of Unions This is nothing more than a veiled attempt by a union to destroy a company they can't get into.

If this union had it's way then Wal-Mart would have to raise prices in order to meet the extra demand they would put on them. This is turn would hurt the very people that can't afford to pay more.

I can't believe they are invoking religion when it is such an obvious self serving thing they are doing. Should we make choices based on faith? I think each person has to answer that question. I have turned off two NBC shows because the content offended my feelings on the subject.

These shows had an obvious agenda and due to my faith I can't support them. When it comes to how we spend our money we do need to know where it goes. However, you better have a large research team if you plan of making sure every penny you spend doesn't offend your faith.

In the case of Wal-Mart I don't accept that they have done anything to keep me from shopping there. I will not be manipulated by an organization that has a hidden agenda. -- Larry, Montgomery

Does this mean we should not drive on the streets paved by corrupt govement? Pump the Gasoline produced by the greedy oil companies? I am a Christian myself, however These people are pushing faith into the Face of America and taking Faith too far. -- Shaun, Montgomery

To answer the question of should your faith determine where you shop the answer is yes it should. However do I think that unfair labor practices of Wal-Mart is something that is NOT a religious issue.

There are a lot of companies that do things that are religiously wrong, whereas Wal-Mart is not one off those companies. Lastly yes Wal-Mart is being unfairly target, b/c they are the biggest target, not b/c they are acting in an anti-religious manor. -- Beau, Millbrook

This story has two real issues masquerading as being "faith based": 1. "Buy American" and 2. Support of Unions

Since the world is getting more "global" by the day, you see fewer and fewer "Made In USA" labels. Maybe in 1970, there was a difference in quality between domestic and imported goods, but that difference is miniscule today. "Buy American" is more or less a lost cause. Even with Automobiles, all parts within are not 100% made in America.

Union membership is on the wane (down to roughly 10 percent of all US employment) due to a unions negative impact on the competitiveness of any business that has one. Consider GM and Ford...take a guess as to where most of the 30,000 job cuts for each company will occur in 2006 (union members).

Unions are anti-competitive! If a Wal Mart gets unionized, you won't be able to shop there much longer because Wal Mart management will CLOSE THE STORE!!!

If you're currently employed with a unionized company, do yourself a favor and start thinking about where you would work if your employer closed its doors (it could happen tomorrow). - Edward, Prattville

Too often, many people are quick to judge private and/or corporate business.  Sadly, if these same people would look into every business that contributed to everything made and bought, I'm sure they would be able to find "something" they didn't approve of.

My point being, maybe they should go back and also read the passage in the Bible that says judge not lest ye be judged!  I'm not saying we should become a tolerant people, but I don't think boycotting anything would be a way to win souls for Christ! -- Leisa, Wetumpka

The Bible tells us to be content with what God has given us. To some He has given great riches in earthen treasures. But there also exists a greed factor that must be dealt with.  On the one hand, walmart has done a wonderful job of outsourcing to China to get power prices for the consumer. However, in the process of doing that, the very consumer that needs the lower pricing has been put out of a job by the outsourcing. Sam would break down and cry if he knew that. That leaves me in the opinion that walmart (notice that I wont capitalize their name) is about as Un-American as you can get.

The Bible also tells masters (employers) to give a fair wage and treat their servants (employees) well. Once again walmart is a sore dissapointment in that area.Working a person 39 hours a week to get out of paying benefits is scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Here my friends is the bottom line. Shareholders are the driving force behind all of this.

The shareholders demand a larger dividend check each year. So the insanely overpaid ceo's and upper management staff at walmart continously find new ways to do this, at the expense of the very nation they call home. Sam would cry. -- Mike, Montgomery

I think your faith should definitely determine where you shop.  The store is selling items specifically targeted to a religious celebration, "Christmas", and yet wants to deny that it is religious.  I won't let a company make a profit based on my religious beliefs while at the same time they deny those beliefs and take all meaning from the celebration. -- Rhonda, Montgomery

I support Wal Mart.  The disgraceful ad are propagated by a Union that is trying to make Wal Mart look bIad because they are not union.  I am offended by the nasty ads implying that if I love Jesus I would not support a company that is not union.  When just the opposite is true.  I support non union companies first. -- Meg, Coosada

My faith requires that I have a social conscience and a sense of fairness. Many corporations play into this notion. Unfortunately, for many, it's merely an advertising gimmick.

It's an unwritten contract that a company should obey the laws of the land, pay treat its workers according to their abilities and the business's ability to remain profitable. If any business breaks this contract, they will not get any of my money..

Wal-Mart has not even acknowledged that it creates problems with the way it operates. Instead of trying to do better by its employees and the communities in which it does business, Wal-Mart, as well as others, goes out and hires a PR firm to do damage control. The bad PR goes away and the corporation goes back to pretending it's a good citizen. That is until the next scandal hits. -- Liz, Montgomery

I say leave Wal-Mart the hell alone!  -- Jeanene, Prattville