"Narnia" A Big Hit with Montgomery Youngsters

You must be living on another planet if you've missed all the ads on T-V. The "Chronicles of Narnia" one of the most anticipated movies of the year opened Friday, and it has a spiritual theme. C-S Lewis wrote "The Lion, The wWitch and the Wardrobe" decades ago.

And, fourth grade students at St. Bedes have not only read the books about the "Chronicles of Narnia," they're also watching a video tape made years ago about the story. "How many of you are planning to go and see the movie "Narnia?" That's just about all of you. Tell me, why do you want to go and see that movie?" One student said, "This movie is so old that they're showing right now and the new "Narnia" is coming out today-Friday. So, I really want to see that "Narnia." Another student said, "I like this book because it's just like Harry Potter. They keep on getting better and better with these movies."

The students here are also using the books and the movie to learn new vocabulary words like "inquisitive, sorrowful." And one student knows just how to use them. "I was reading the 14th chapter in the book and I think it's sad because the witch is being very mean to Aslan. It just was really sad and it made me cry. It was just a sorrowful moment."

The movie with all the talking animals is about good and evil and the resurrection. That's when Aslan the good lion becomes significant because he's symbolic of Jesus.

And while the fourth graders are anticipating seeing the movie soon some fifth graders saw it first thing Friday morning and it was not a disappointment. "It was a really great movie. It had great visual affects and sound affects and everything. I liked it a lot." Another student had this to say. "It was great. Why? I liked the war. The war? Tell me about that. I liked it when the witch died." And, still a third student was excited too."I screamed. Why did you scream? Because it was awesome."

Families at St. Bede's Catholic Church as well as other churches in town have bought out one of the theaters to take their congregations to see the movie.

Reporter: Eileen Jones