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Doctor Confesses to Faking Flu Shots

A note on the door refers Dr. Nash's patients to another practice. A note on the door refers Dr. Nash's patients to another practice.

Instead of fighting the flu, a Montgomery doctor has confessed to faking it. The state board of medical examiners says Dr. Zev-David Nash administered dozens of bogus vaccines over the past two years. Now, he's nowhere to be found.

Nash's office on Wynton Blount Boulevard is empty. The doctor also failed to return phone calls from WSFA 12 News. Instead, a letter on the front door refers visitors to another practice.

That's where nurses are hearing from dozens of confused patients.

"Most of them are surprised," said Dee Dee Cartee, who works for Doctors Gilberto Sanchez and Sonny Odom. Sanchez and Odom are taking on Nash's client list.

"A lot of them still don't know. They show up at his office and there's a sign on the door sending them over here," Cartee explained.

"Dr. Nash has voluntarily surrendered his Alabama medical license," said Larry Dixon of the state board of medical examiners.

Dixon says state investigators acted on a tip and caught Dr. Nash with syringes of saline solution, which he was passing off as the flu vaccine.

"He just surrendered all of the syringes to us and came back to the board of medical examiners where he confessed that he did not have any flu vaccine, that it was all simple saline solution," Dixon said.

As for Nash's patients, saline solution doesn't pose any medical risk. But many are finding themselves with emotional wounds. Their trusted doctor is no where to be found and there are no answers as to why.

One possible motive is profit. Dr. Nash may have been trying make a quick buck by charging for the vaccine, but never purchasing it himself.

Since he already surrendered his license, a hearing will not be held. Nash is now no longer qualified to practice medicine in Alabama.

This isn't the first allegation of fake flu shots this year. Two doctors are facing similar charges in Texas.

Reporter: Mark Bullock

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