United Way Short of Goal

The united way is still 17 percent short of its 2005 goal..and tonight..they're asking for your help. To help out..local media is teaming up..with the public. Join us Thursday for..media united for the united way..it's a 12-hour fundraising push at the Lowes in Montgomery. W-S-F-A News 12 personalities will be there live to take your donations for the united way from 6 a-m to 6-30 p-m.

Ron Drinkard is the United Way  Campaign Chairman who says,  "Certainly that's always a danger when we have some programs that receive the majority of their funding from the united way and we have some programs out there that are in that very situation, they depend on United Way more than any other source and they don't receive those funds there is a chance those services will have to be reduced.

The United Way funds more than 40 local agencies like Hospice and Aid to Pregnant Mothers, that help thousands of people right here in our community.