Gay Meadows - Montgomery, AL

Gay Meadows is located in Montgomery, Alabama at the southeast corner of a busy retail intersection - Fisk at Woodley Road.

This "inside the bypass" location, less than a mile from a regional mall, makes Gay Meadows "the center" for this trade area's daily needs.

This retail center provides genuine service with a sought after traditional hardware store, a long time neighborhood bakery, a drug store offering home deliveries, a drive through cleaners and more.

Demographics 2005 projection, 10 mile radius

Population: 210,216

Average Income : $53,993

Total Retail Sales: $2.746 Billion

Major Stores: Moody Hardware, Ligers Bakery,The Crate, Adams Drugs, Subway

Square Footage: 37,218

Source: Claritas Inc.

Photo Credit: Rus Baxley