Arrest Made in Church Burglary

The little oak church fellow ship hall is boarded up today ... The strong oak doors with stained glass gone.  But the man who allegedly broke down the doors, 31 year old Shane Eugene Samples is now in custody.

Russell Thomas is the sheriff of Pike County.  He says,  "During the interrogation the subject confessed to committing the burglary."

Carroll Rhodes grandfather helped build the church.  He says, "It kind of surprised me to start with. I figured they'd get him in a day or two, but I didn't think it was going to be this quick."

Officers say he used this car to break down the doors and gain entry. There is evidence of paint, and sheet rock on the car. A portable t.v. was stolen from the Fellowship Hall.

Sheriff Thomas says, "He stated that he was high on meth at the time and that he needed to obtain something to purchase more meth."    Thomas adds that people who are on drugs do desperate things.

Rhodes says he's hopeful, "Maybe they can do something for the fellow and maybe this won't happen again."    Rhodes says that's their main concern.