Health Providers Should Get Flu Shots

Health care providers deal with the public a lot.  They are similar to the rest of the population when it comes to flu shots.  Some like Keinee Austin, an occupational therapist, still don't participate.

She says, "I guess because I've never had the flu, never had symptoms of the flu... I don't think the flu shot will mess that up. I just feel that if I ever get the flu maybe I'll consider it then."

Seanne' Warrior is a physical therapist with a different oppinion.

She says, "It was important for me to get a flu shot because I'm working with patients every day that are sick or their immune systems aren't that great."

Warrior says she wants to make sure the illness isn't transferred to patients or co-workers.

"And I want to keep my family well so they don't get sick and I won't have to take off work or not come to work because they're sick.

Sometimes the general public is under the misconception that the flu shot can give you the flu.

Dr. Jeffery Eng is the medical director at HealthSouth Rehab Hospital.  He says, "They shouldn't be worried about the flu vaccine because the current vaccine that's given through the shot is made from a dead virus and you can not get the flu from a dead virus."

Eng says he advises health care professionals to get the shot.

He says, "It's also very important for health care workers not to spread the flu, if they have it."

Reporter:   Ashley Anderson