Scrushy, Roberts Seek Separate Trial from Siegelman

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Former HealthSouth Chairman Richard Scrushy and former state Transportation Director Mack Roberts are seeking separate trials from ex-Governor Don Siegelman.

A federal grand jury in Montgomery indicted the three, along with Siegelman's former chief of staff, Paul Hamrick, in what prosecutors described as a "widespread racketeering conspiracy."

In legal papers filed yesterday, attorneys for Scrushy and Roberts said many of the charges in the federal indictment don't apply to their clients, and lumping all the defendants together would make it difficult to get a fair trial.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Louis Franklin, the lead prosecutor, said he wants to try the case only once and will oppose separate trials.

A federal judge will decide if they are tried separately or together.

The four defendants are scheduled for arraignment December 28th in Montgomery.

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