Prison Overcrowding Issue Again Goes To Court

Attorneys for overcrowded county jails say a previous court order aimed at relieving those conditions is not being followed. Ken Webb represents those local county jails that are bursting at the seems. He says, "Basically the judge has 3 choices coercive incarceration, which is not what we suggested."

Prison Commissioner Donal Campbell was asked how he felt about his jail time as an option for the judge, "As long as ya'll are talking about it, it doesn't bother me."

Attorney's for the state contend Campbell doesn't have the tools to follow the court order.

Webb says the judge could also up the number of inmates brought in, or give a specific time table for the department of corrections to get the system ready and transfer those prisoners who are past the 30 day time period to the state.

Brian Corbett is a corrections spokesman. He says, "It's not something the judiciary can address and can solve. It is more an executive and legislative issue."

The judge is taking the matter under advisement. There is a package of bills to be presented to the legislature designed to ease some of the overcrowding problems. The legislature goes back into session January 10th.