Abbeville High School Opens New School

It was during basketball practice three years ago when a tornado hit Abbeville High School. "All of a sudden there was noise and wind," says Head basketball coach Moses Knight.

"You see concrete blocks flying in the gym. It was almost completely devastated," says Principal Dale Barnes.

The storm ripped off the roof and knocked out windows. Barnes says, "It's a miracle by God was killed."

Since then, the school and the basketball team have faced a long journey. "We go 50 miles a night to practice, or go to a game," says Coach Knight.

Now, the journey has come to an end with a new state of the art gym and school. "It's good to be home," says Knight.

While everyone is excited, the homecoming is bittersweet for principal Dale Barnes. He says, "I graduated here in 1970. I'm excited. But, we leave a lot of memories at the old school."

He's looking forward to the future, and a fresh start. He says, it's "A new building, a new beginning."

Students will have their first classes in the new school Monday.