Lawmaker Proposes Banning Cell Phone Use by Drivers Under 18

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. --  Drivers under 18 would not be allowed to talk on a cell phone while driving a vehicle in Alabama under a bill to be introduced in the Legislature.

State Representative Jim McClendon of Springville said his bill deals only with teenage drivers because they are the least experienced.

McClendon, a Republican, introduced a similar bill last year and it died in the House Judiciary Committee.

In 2004, state Representative Jack Page of Gadsden sponsored a bill that would have banned use of hand-held cell phones by all drivers. That measure was opposed by the cell phone industry and died in committee.

New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia have laws that prohibit all drivers from talking on a cell phone when driving.

State troopers say cell phone use has been given as a cause in nine Alabama highway deaths over the past three years.

The Legislature's regular session gets underway Tuesday at noon.


Information from: The Birmingham News

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