Medicare Part "D" Still A Problem Ten Days Later

Walk into any Walmart or Sams in Montgomery and you'll meet someone like Gordon Gray ... A Humana Health Care Agent.

Gray says, "I just explain what plans are available. There's 3 plans available with Humana."

He's here to sell seniors on the Humana Health Care plan. And he says most Medicare recipients are still confused about their coverage.  And they're not alone.  Just look at the book pharmacist Caroline Lipscomb Latour put together for herself. It's the result of a lot of research hours.

She says,  "I think the most difficult situation we're seeing is those who have coverage, have not received their card and the program they chose has now downloaded the information on these individuals into the system and we can't transmit the claim."

The problems multiply for elderly clients who are also financially challenged. These dual eligibiles are even keeping Alabama's Medicaid Commissioner burning the candle at both ends.  She says, "If we can keep these people on their prescription drugs, for hypertension, for diabetes, then it keeps them out of the hospital, it keeps them in the productive work force."

Keeping those patients on preventive medication and off the hospital rolls will save the state money in the long run...but working the kinks out of a federal program to make that possible is another story.....

Reported By:  Ashley Anderson