Former County Commissioner Needs Transplant

You may not have seen Lynn Gowan lately, but he's been around ... Still working, but on a limited basis. That's because a genetic condition has resulted in kidney disease.  He says, "We knew at some point in the future, I would eventually loose kidney function and would either need a transplant or have to go on dialysis, which I did a little over a year ago."

Gowan says he's used the past year as a time to recharge, do some personal tasks ... And take life a little slower.  He's been on the UAB Kidney transplant list for 3 years now. He says the normal "wait time" for his blood type is 4 to 5 years. Why so long?

Gowan says,   "I have a real common blood type, so I'm blessed in that I'll be able to match a lot of people, but I'm cursed in a way because a lot of other people are in a similar situation."

He says he knows first hand the importance of signing your drivers license to be an organ donor, "It's real important that you make yourself a donor and make sure someone knows that you are a donor."

Dialysis has been his main tool for about a year now. And he says the wait for him has not been that bad, "And I think it's probably been harder on my family than it has me ."

There have been blessings along the way. Little things are not so important ... Big things like faith are....

According to Gowan,  "When I go to bed at night, I pray for 2 things... I pray that the lord will give me strength to be positive about my situation and I also ask that his will be done."

He says,  "And that's what I pray for ... To continue that positive attitude so I'll be an example to them."

And he wants to get the word out about organ donation.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson