Fire Officials Speak Out After Arrests

A district fire chief is speaking out after the arrests of some Montgomery firefighters on drug charges. He says the department has a no-tolerance drug policy and it cooperated with federal authorities on the eight-month investigation. According to the US attorney's office, that investigation is still underway and it expects the arrests of two more people this week.

So far, five people are facing charges for allegedly possessing and distributing the drug Ecstasy, including one Prattville firefighter and two Montgomery firefighters. "We will not tolerate illegal drugs or alcohol on duty," says Montgomery District Fire Chief William Davis. "We will not tolerate illegal drugs at all."

Davis told WSFA all fire fighters must pass a drug test when they're hired and then are randomly asked to take tests throughout their employment. He also says it's important that fire fighters stay mentally and physically ready for a fire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"If you're using an illegal substance, you're not good for yourself or your department," says Sgt. Larry Coleman. He and other fire fighters agree that drug use negatively affects the entire department.

Davis and others in the department declined to comment specifically on the firefighters arrested recently. But Prattville's fire chief says the Prattville firefighter arrested resigned Wednesday. Mayor Bobby Bright says if the arrested Montgomery firefighters are found guilty, the city will take action to terminate their employment.