House Fire Claims Child

The smoke was visible to anyone near the interstate and forest avenue area. Stuart patton was just passing by "i was driving by and i saw smoke coming out of the house... And i stopped and looked back and saw the flames." this fire was an emergency that brought not only neighbors, but passersby in, trying to help."

jeff march was passing by and says, "the one man was carrying a child and he said there were more in there, and i went around to the other side, by the window and i could hear a child in there." but the smoke and ever growing flames kept him out.

Assistant chief William Davis says , "It took us 23 minutes to get this fire under control. We transported 4 individuals to Baptist South for further treatment."

The four... A father and his 3 children. The family rented the home from Elizabeth's father. Tonight... She's more worried about the people who lived here than she is about the house. Elizabeth Gilroy says, "They're a really lovely family that fell upon hard times."

Tonight 3 year old David Thompson is dead.  His twin 3 year old.. Dennis was transported to UAB hospital in critical condition... And their sister.. 2 year old Leslie.. Was transported to UAB Hospital in serious condition.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson