The Hero Of West Street

29 year old Kenneth Miller is a hero today. A hero who died for his efforts.  His girlfriend, Shay Sharpe says,  "He got the little girl out first... And after he got her out, he got her to safety, he went back and looked around and got the little boy out."

The children's father, 41 year old Dwayne followed.

Sharp says, "He actually thought all of them was out, and by the time he knew another was in there, it was too late to go back in."

Now receiving treatment at Baptist Medical Center South, Kenneth almost paid the ultimate price for his bravery.

His mother, Rosemary Miller says  "They took him off the ventilator and everything. He's breathing on his own. His mouth is burned and he has a burn all the way to here. His lungs are clear."

Both women say they are very proud of this young father who loves kids.  Of her son, Miller says,  Rosemary Miller:  "He's just sad and upset that he didn't save the other child."

But there is no doubt that without his courage, there could have been 3 others to perish in this fire.

If you'd like to help the Thompson family, send checks to the Thompson Family Fund and designate it for housing or funeral expenses. Send it to the Friendship Mission at 3561 Mobile Highway Montgomery Alabama 36108.   Or you can contribute at any Sterling Bank location. The fund's account number 01-55-16.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson